Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Clearwater Task Force Against Human Trafficing

What’s happening in your city concerning human trafficking? What would you like to see? Want some ideas from our latest meeting?

Law Enforcement, from the local to the federal level, presented information on what they’re seeing and what they’re doing in the area of human trafficking.

Olga Barulli with World Relief in Tampa gave a short presentation. They are major players when it comes to helping victims of human trafficking.

Family Resources speakers told about their Safe Place to Be for kids and how their eyes and ears are “out there.”

June Wallace, with our speakers’ bureau, let us know about upcoming meetings in our area and about legislation in Tallahassee.

We heard about the upcoming Republican Convention and how Hillsborough County, the mayor, and the commissioners will be standing against the onslaught of prostitution and domestic minor sex trafficking that is seen at large events.

A representative of Zonta (A better world for women) talked about bill boards that are going up: This man wants to rent your daughter. Powerful!

Bridging Freedom‘s Laura Hamilton spoke about the need for housing and counseling.

SOAP representative Connie Rose spoke about taking bars of soap to area hotels and motels during the RNC. The soap will have a phone number victims can call for help.

So great to hear what is going on to help victims, to arrest Johns and pimps; but still not enough.

If you want to help, call World Relief, the Salvation Army, your local Law Enforcement, your commissioners, your mayor. Ask them what they’re doing and what you can do to end human trafficking.

Do something today; do it now.


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