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Linda Rodante

Sexuality in America: 50 Shades of Grey book-going like hotcakes.

Sheryl Young has written numerous articles in print and online. Here is a response to a note I sent to her about the book 50 Shades of Grey: No, I didn’t see this before you sent it. Thanks, and no thanks!This makes me sick, mad and sad that people are buying this book and making it a bestseller.

I can’t believe, with all the human trafficking, sexual slavery and domestic abuse we already have, topped off by the disclosure of how David Carradine died in that sexual suffocation game, which children have already died trying, that people want to read about a woman being “sexually submissive” to a man as they mildly put it – which indicates there is probably explicit sadomasochism and Bondage & Discipline (beating, gagging, whips, chains) within its pages.

Where are the Feminists? Why don’t they object to this? Is “mommy porn” what they call empowerment for women? And the one woman says her boyfriend wanted her to read it? OF COURSE he did! It shudders me to think what daughters are going to pick this up off mom’s nightstand, or be outright given it by their mothers. My very liberal mother bought me my first erotic novel – and it was a very, very hard habit to break. That was before the days of internet & smartphone porn, so it’s even more pervasive now.

I’ve been praying over this since I read it. My first instinct was to write about it, like I’m writing to you. But then I thought it’s better to ignore it. Some stuff just doesn’t deserve the extra recognition – or temptation.

People will always read erotica – but this “submissiveness” is just adding to the Roman tendencies of our society. We are hopeless! Except for a miraculous revival from God. And I don’t think “revival” can be scheduled like churches do. AAAArrrrgggghhhh!

Check out Sheryl Young’s page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sheryl-Youngs-News-and-Commentary/135444563189712 .  Her devotional “God, Am I Nobody?” is on sell at Amazon.com


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