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Linda Rodante

Author Interview (+ Giveaway): Jerusha Agen

Originally posted on Diversity Between the Pages:
Y’all, I’m super excited to share our first author interview on Diversity Between the Pages. Today, author Jerusha Agen has stopped by to talk about…

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I remember the time I went to a Christian women’s retreat weekend. The beds were hard, the rooms old, and I knew no one except for the woman who asked … Continue reading

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Christians and Porn

As much as I hear from women (and some men) about the desire to fight human trafficking, especially sex trafficking, it amazes me that they do not see the connection … Continue reading

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Has America Finally Overdosed on Sexuality?

The 60’s were supposed to be “free love,” but that idiom was lost on women who ended up aborting their children, having STD’s and STI’s and cervical cancer, on realizing … Continue reading

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Why A Kiss Is Enough

Originally posted on Rebeca Seitz's Blog:
With the release of my latest novella, SECOND GLANCE, some folks have noticed that I don’t tend to let my characters go too…

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Crisis: Not Just an Abuser, But Also Abused

The horrific case of Cristian Fernandez makes clear our need to address the rampant sexuality and violence in America. What has happened is not “free love,” as many in the 1960’s sought, but a culture that is so sex-ridden and out of control that women, girls, boys, and even some men are paying the consequences in extreme abuse.

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An Open Letter to American Christians

God is sounding a warning bell. Two posts recently–one by Robert Kerce  (http://www.charismanews.com/opinion/in-the-line-of-fire/54743-an-open-letter-to-jerry-falwell-jr and one from Andy Stanley http://northpoint.org/messages/tough-as-nails/ (I am sure God has many other voices out there besides these) … Continue reading

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