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Linda Rodante

The Time Is At Hand

Revelation can be the scary and most confusing book of the Bible, but one thing it’s not is pablum. For those that don’t know, pablum is baby food. No, Revelation … Continue reading

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That Kind of Love

In general, I no longer agree with the tone and message of many articles written by Christians. Christians are supposed to be “little Christs,” but are we? Lots of Americans … Continue reading

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I didn’t “let you do anything,” sir (a declaration)

Originally posted on Rebeca Seitz's Blog:
I am one of the many women you brushed up against in line. One whose waist felt your arm slither around and hold a…

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Mother’s Witness in Jerusalem gets her Hauled Off to Jail.

  At the end of her first week in Israel, mother called my sister, Sandra, and asked her to pray with her. She felt God wanted her to stay in … Continue reading

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I remember the time I went to a Christian women’s retreat weekend. The beds were hard, the rooms old, and I knew no one except for the woman who asked … Continue reading

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The Bear in the Kitchen

Originally posted on Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking:
True story. My brother lives in central Florida. Over the last fifteen years, the area around where he lives has become…

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Is There Room in My Life for God?

Is there room in my life for God? Of course, I think there is. I’m a committed Christian, right? But when a pastor preached on this recently, I had to … Continue reading

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