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Linda Rodante

Christianity’s New “Feel-Good” Doctrines

I’ve seen and heard and felt the pressure to skim over the hard, non-politically correct or non-culturally accepted parts of the Bible, so I understand why Thomas Jefferson (the principal … Continue reading

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Where is your hope of glory?

Originally posted on Enough Light:
“God will cause you to shine. He’ll show up and supersize what you’re dreaming about.” -shared on twitter by a well known Christian pastor God…

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That Kind of Love

In general, I no longer agree with the tone and message of many articles written by Christians. Christians are supposed to be “little Christs,” but are we? Lots of Americans … Continue reading

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9:30 Prayer

I have such a burden for prayer. So many things are happening–the tremendous fires out west, the flooding rains in different parts of the country that swamp a city in … Continue reading

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Can You Defend Your Faith?

Today, I would like to introduce Ratio Christi, an organization that equips college and high school students with historical, scientific and philosophical evidence for the Christian faith. This helps them … Continue reading

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Periscope, Coffee, and Trafficking

While you were sipping your free coffee yesterday, a four-year-old girl was being offered for sell on Periscope. Streaming video of the girl brought quick bids. The friend of mine … Continue reading

October 17, 2015 · 1 Comment

The Prostitutes Parade

All right. Somethings still amaze me. I’ve heard about all the licentious behavior of Mardi Gras. I’ve heard that anything goes–even on the streets in daylight. However, somehow, I missed … Continue reading

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