Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

The “Sexual Revolution” of the Sixties has Brought Pain and Confusion in Many Areas

Today’s headlines of a priest accused in the sexual abuse of a teenage girl is just another footnote in thousands of similar headlines. (https://www.aol.com/article/news/2017/08/10/newly-ordained-priest-arrested-for-sexual-abuse-of-teenage-girl/23073466/

The fact that this man had a place of authority and respect makes the situation even worse.

For decades now, we’ve been fighting human trafficking–women, girls and boys enslaved for another person’s (and often many persons’) sexual lust–and yet we have not acknowledged the effect porn has on this horrendous crime. We’re disgusted and aghast when we learn the facts of girls often locked in cages, tied to beds, or just plain beaten into submission, but we’re never horrified enough to actually say, Stop! Find the cause of this and stop it!

The cause goes back a long way. Sexual assault, rape, and domination have been around since the world started, but not in these numbers. Growing up, we heard of rape and incest, but it was rare. Yes, I know the occurrences were more than we heard–just like they are today, you understand. And I know the internet was not around to spread the word, but there was plenty of word of mouth. The truth is that by any data you seek out, the numbers of sexual assault, rape, incest, adultery, sex outside of marriage, and sexual trafficking have exploded over the last 50 years.

The use of porn has exploded too. And, as they say, this is not just your granddad’s porn (naked girls placed strategically on pages of Playboy or other like magazines). This is hardcore rape, beatings, torture and even death that many watch today. Sadly, this is not only within a pornography setting, but on our TVs and in our movies. Do you ever turn off the TV and vow not to watch a program because of its violent or sexual content?

American culture (and much in the rest of the world) is crying out for a return to Biblical sexuality–sex within the confines of marriage. The so-called “sexual revolution” of the sixties has brought pain and abuse in too many areas. Many are confused by sex (and love) these days–does it include the beatings and torture that we’ve seen and heard about? Victims of trafficking and abuse are crying out about what the culture wants to make normal.

God has given rules and boundaries (just like you have in society or need in the athletic arena) in order for our lives to be better. Without society’s law and those that adhere to it, you have chaos. What we need to realize is that God’s laws were the precursor to law in society and the home. Without those laws and those that adhere to them, we also have chaos, spiritual emptiness, and pain.



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