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Linda Rodante

Mother’s Witness in Jerusalem gets her Hauled Off to Jail.


At the end of her first week in Israel, mother called my sister, Sandra, and asked her to pray with her. She felt God wanted her to stay in Israel, but she had no money left. At the end of the prayer, she went to the Christian Embassy and sat down. Not long after the director’s of the Embassy approached her with an offer. Could she stay and babysit their children during the day and cook their meals? They couldn’t pay her too much, but she would have a place to stay and her food furnished!

The children were young but were in school most of the day, so she had free time to do whatever she felt the Lord leading her to do. She began to make daily trips to the “Old City.” And she had tracks in Hebrew!

So, as she went from shop to shop or just stopped and talked with people, and she gave out the tracks. (For those that don’t know, tracks are little booklets Christians give out telling how Jesus died for our sins–those things we do wrong each day–and how by believing and accepting what He did, we can come to know the one real, true God and have a new life in Him.)

However, not everyone was happy about mother’s “witnessing” or proselytizing as it’s called in Israel. It is not strictly illegal but very much frowned upon. Which is what happened one day as mother was handing out tracks in the Old City: she was met with frowns!

She said she gave out a number of tracks one day and happened to notice five or six of the Haredim (these are members of an ultra-orthodox religious group of Jews) descending upon her. They started to point and shout, creating enough of an uproar that a small crowd gathered. Soon, a policeman appeared. Mother couldn’t understand a thing the Haredim were saying since it was in Hebrew. The policeman, though, knew some English.

He told her she must come with him to the police station because the Haredim were so upset. He hauled her off to jail, the religious leaders following closely and still loudly behind them.

When they arrived, the policeman tried to explain to the “sergeant” in charge what was going on. The Haredim kept pointing to the tracks mother held and soon the policeman came and asked for them and took them to the “sergeant.”

After that, things got wild. The religious leaders yanked the tracks from the “sergeant’s” hand, then from each other’s, waving them around and arguing at the top of their lungs. Mother was seated near the door, quite a ways from all the hoopla. As she sat there, she noticed the “sergeant” point at her and then at the door.

When she didn’t move, he did it again. So, she slowly arose, walked to the door, and slipped out. All the way home, she was afraid she’d be accosted again by one of the group but nothing happened. She had escaped!

“Those men would never have taken a track if I offered it to them,” she said later, “but here God had them reading and arguing over them. Who knows how He might use that? He’s a God of miracles!”


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2 comments on “Mother’s Witness in Jerusalem gets her Hauled Off to Jail.

  1. Gail Johnson
    April 7, 2017

    Isn’t that just like God?! So glad your Mom safely slipped away. Blessings, Linda. ❤

    • Linda Rodante
      April 7, 2017

      Yes, God is sooo good–and most of the time we miss seeing it.

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