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Linda Rodante

Is There Room in My Life for God?

Is there room in my life for God? Of course, I think there is. I’m a committed Christian, right? But when a pastor preached on this recently, I had to wonder if I am one of the ones who skates through life, throwing up prayers, expecting his security and blessing, but not actually paying attention to Him.

I remember a time when I could feel His hand or hear His Word crossing my mind–at any time of the day. I held close to Him and gave Him time in my life–putting aside an hour or two just for Bible study, prayer and time to listen to God. It started out hard but progressed quickly to joy and love–as I actually felt and saw His hand and blessing in my life

These days my mind is so full, I don’t feel His presence in the same way. This man said that God had formed us (yes), and sin deformed us (had not thought about it that way, but yes again), then Jesus came to transform us and bring us back to God. Be reconciled to God the scriptures tell us. He made the way; we move into it by accepting and believing in His sacrifice.

And because of this, we should make room in our lives for Him–because He made room in his life for us. We aren’t like dolls or action figures that He wanted and once He made us, He played with for awhile and then set aside. No, He has loved us with an everlasting love–not the kind we see in the world today, but a love that only God can give.

So, I will make a conscious effort to give Him time again–time in my life so that I can be conformed into the image of his Son. For it is in seeing Him that we are changed (2nd Cor 3:18) into the image of his Son. Looking upon Him, knowing Him, that is how our lives are revolutionized.

Formed, deformed, transformed, and conformed. The process by which we draw near to Him and become more like Him is awe inspiring. And it starts by making a conscious act of making time for Him.


One comment on “Is There Room in My Life for God?

  1. Gail Johnson
    May 25, 2016

    Loved this, Linda! Beautiful. Taking time out is hard at first. But it does make a difference you can feel, hear, and see.

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