Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

9:30 Prayer

I have such a burden for prayer. So many things are happening–the
tremendous fires out west, the flooding rains in different parts of the country that swamp a city in hours, ISIS beheading people and killing others in all parts of the world, an uncertain election, ungodliness in countless areas of our country and in our own lives.

If you read the Old Testament, you will see how God withdrew his hand of blessing from Israel. Many hard things happened to them. He even used their enemies to try to wake them up. Why? Because they were going away from him, they were becoming involved and loving the things of the world.

We all know 2nd Chron 7:14, but have we–as God’s people–done what it says we need to do? Humble ourselves, seek his face, turn from our wicked ways, and pray? We need to do this. We need to repent big time, to humble ourselves, to stop some of the favorite things we do that are not godly or holy or good, we need to seek him and pray. Start with repentance and knowing we have nothing without Christ, but because of Jesus, we have mercy and help in time of need. Use the Lord’s prayer to guide you and pray!

I’m asking for people to pray separately or to ask others to join them for prayer each Monday morning and Monday evening at 9:30 for prayer.

We want to do this until the election—and this is not about the election—this is about God’s people turning back to God. We are not asking God to put into the Presidency who we want or into all the other offices that will be up for election who we want—we are repenting for our own personal sins and those of our country. We’re asking Him to change our hearts and turn us back to him. We are asking for his mercy and help in our lives, in those of our loved ones, in His Church, and in our country. And we are asking him to turn our country back to Him.


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