Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Has America Finally Overdosed on Sexuality?

The 60’s were supposed to be “free love,” but that idiom was lost on women who ended up aborting their children, having STD’s and STI’s and cervical cancer, on realizing many men still wouldn’t marry them after giving in to what was wanted (what did we expect?), and now fast-forwarding 55 years we’ve come to a culture that produces shows like Game of Thrones that entertain with explicit abuse,rape, and incest against women, a culture that has the scourge of sex trafficking that enslaves women, girls and boys for the use of sex in more deviant ways than we ever thought possible.

Women have not come a long way, baby. Oh, they are now in combat and in corporate headquarters (still not making as much as their male counterparts), and in some areas have earned the respect we always deserved–but we’ve slid back in other areas, especially in sex and love.

We are sold a book called Fifty Shades of Grey and told it is all right to be abused when a man wants to have sex. We are told to buy the lie that it is love. We are living in a country where 1 in 4 women suffer domestic violence, where more than 4 million women a year experience physical assault and rape by their partners, where campus assault and military assault is in the headlines daily, where rape kits are sitting in police warehouses or evidence rooms by the thousands and not being used to prosecute rapists, where on the average, 24 people a minute are raped or assaulted or stalked by their partners, where STD’s continue to rise and we’re told on TV commercials that it’s okay and we have it under control, where our middle schoolers are sexting and having oral sex, where domestic minor sex trafficking is reaching unheard of numbers, and where even 3 million men are victims of sexual assaults a year.

And this if “free love?” Women–and men–sex is not and should not be our god. Relationships consist of a lot more than how you perform in bed, how your abs look, and whether or not that slinky dress makes you look sexy. If that’s all he wants or she wants from you, do yourself a big favor, look for someone else. You are more than a body or an orgasm.


*Statistics and information from SafeHorizon.org, National Domestic Violence Hotline, Center for Disease Control, and Shared Hope International



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