Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Loving Our President, Hating Satan, and Being Conservative

Today, I unsubscribed from a newsletter I’ve been getting. It wasn’t because I didn’t agree with most of what was said or didn’t want to help them in their fight to get America “back on the right road.” Those of you who know me or have read a number of my posts know that is important to me.

I told them that the tone of their newsletters was–to me–unChristlike. Although I agree with most of their views, I couldn’t agree with what seemed to be the feelings behind them. President Obama, of instance, is not the epitome of evil. There is one who is. We know his name–Satan.

God loves our President, his wife and his children. Let’s try to keep our eyes on the real enemy of our souls. Prayer against Satan’s tactics and prayer for our President (as God calls us to do in 1st Tim 2:2) is what we need. We also need God’s love for others in our hearts. We need to love and see as he does, not as our carnal nature dictates.


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