Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Periscope, Coffee, and Trafficking

Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

While you were sipping your free coffee yesterday, a four-year-old girl was being offered for sell on Periscope. Streaming video of the girl brought quick bids.

The friend of mine who saw the “ad” took pictures of the video with another phone and contacted the police. I hope they find this man and arrest him. I pray that the little girl is safe. Women, when you take men into your home, you have to be wary today. Wary of the ungodliness that’s out there.

We’ve gone so far from God’s admonition to not have sex before marriage, to not look on a woman (or child or man) to lust after him or her that we can’t see the enormous toll it is taking on society, on our lives and our children’s lives.

So many children today have been raised with such abuse, such sexual assault, in America, that they…

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