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Linda Rodante

Win the Holidays? Really?

I saw an ad this weekend that showed a woman opening a box with a sweater (not too bad, I thought), but she stuffed it back inside quickly and went for the next box. There was something in it she loved and you could tell. I don’t even know what they were advertising because all I thought was “Great. This is just how we want to raise our children! No appreciation for the thought or money spent on one present. Just throw it aside and go for the next!” Absolutely ridiculous!

And this was a commercial! They thought they were selling something. They were. Selfishness and greed.

If you would like to read another blog on “Win the Holidays,” try Rebeca Seitz’ blog: https://rebecaseitz.wordpress.com/2015/11/30/win-the-holidays-really/#respond

Rebeca Seitz's Blog

WBestBuy_WinTheHolidays_120hen I first saw the ad, I thought I must have misunderstood. Between the kitten being in his nightly Pyscho Cat mode (read: running all over the living room climbing lamps and curtains), the dog barking to go outside (he’s a basset hound mix with the deep bark to show for it), The Hubs banging pots and pans around in the kitchen behind me (thank God he can cook or we’d all starve), Firstborn practicing his trombone upstairs (man, that sound carries) and Darling Daughter watching an iPad at top volume in the chair beside me (headphones, gotta get her some headphones), it’s conceivable that I mistook the gist of the commercial.

“Everybody hush for one minute!” I yelled and pushed the rewind button. Darling Daughter pulled her headphones off to see what caught Mommy’s attention. Hubs paused. Even the kitten and dog calmed down for a second.

“….because when…

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