Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

The Hope of the World is not America; The Hope of the World is Jesus Christ

I find myself at odds with a lot of people these days, with a lot of politicians and a lot of Christians. One candidate at the GOP summit in Orlando said that America is the hope of the world. I wonder what the rest of the world–our allies and our enemies–think of that. I wonder what God thinks of it.


I’m not a media junkie. In fact, I am very suspicious of most news media today. But a discussion on MSNBC last night was worth listening to. The reporter described how refugees would come to the US if allowed. He made the point that any refugees coming here would have already gone through Europe’s system of screening (although it is not much at this time, depending on the country), and that before they are allowed to come into the US, we have numerous other screening processes for each person. As of this minute, it takes eighteen months to two years to clear America’s refugee procedures. How much longer do we want it to take?

Of course, a terrorist could slip through, but they are slipping through right now, too. I’m just worried that we are willing to let 9,999 people be turned away because we are afraid of one possibility.

According to research on google, there are 35,000 towns and cities in the US. That means the small number we have said we’ll take is less than one person to a town. So the thought of all these refugees changing our society is ludicrous.

And it’s not as if that one (or two) possible terrorist doesn’t scare me. He or she does. It’s just that are we really ready to let fear rule our nation? Where is the heart of God in all of this? When we see the women and children washing ashore, or the man holding his dead son–all fleeing the terrors that just touched France, how can we turn our backs, trying to save our own necks?

I just want to know–what would Jesus do? After all, America is not the hope of the world; Jesus is.


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