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Linda Rodante

Losing the Spiritual War in America Comes from an Ignorance of God’s Word

The pastor’s statement startled me. He had just contradicted the Bible.

As a new believer, I read my Bible daily, studied it, and listened to Christian radio and TV. I knew what this man said was wrong. And the woman he spoke to had nodded her head as if the pastor had said something profound.

I was a worker at my son’s daycare, and–as I said–a new believer. How could I correct a pastor? As soon as the work day ended, and I got home, I flew to my Bible, flipped to the page he had talked about, and read the scripture. I was right. The preacher was wrong.


That day opened my eyes to the fact that many people–even pastors, preachers, evangelists, etc–did not actually know or study the Bible. They often took what other people said as truth and repeated the same misinformation to others.

I remember hearing Kenneth Copeland say something that never left me.  I know some of you out there don’t like him, but I learned a lot listening to him. Copeland often told his audiences not to take anything he said as “the gospel,” but to look up everything he said in the Bible. If it went along with the Word of God, then good; but if it didn’t then throw it out! I’ve never forgotten that. And, through the years, I’ve thrown out plenty of sermons from all sorts of preachers and, also, a profusion of other people’s “opinions”–no matter how “intelligent” they sounded.

The sad thing is that our young people, as well as many “mature” Christians, have no idea why we are losing the war of morality in America. And the reason for it sits right in our house–on a shelf, never read. To know the Truth, to talk with others about the greatness of God, indeed, to believe it ourselves, we have to study the Word of God. It has to be part of our daily lives. Whether in the morning, in the evening, before we go to bed, whenever. If we aren’t reading and studying the Bible–in the same way men and women are trained for war (ask any soldier)–then we will be (and many already are) dying on the battlefield.

If you want to read more about this, here’s a link to a good article: http://www.christianitytoday.com/edstetzer/2015/july/epidemic-of-bible-illiteracy-in-our-churches.html

What do you think?


One comment on “Losing the Spiritual War in America Comes from an Ignorance of God’s Word

  1. Linda Rodante
    December 28, 2015

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