Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Good News

According to an online article in Vanity Fair back on May 28th, Sweden enacted the Sex Purchase Law in 1999. That laws gives penalties of up to 6 months in prison for johns purchasing sex. The pimps or traffickers can be locked up from 2 to 10 years. Because of this new law, prostitution (and therefore this type of human slavery) has been reduced by 50%!

On the other hand, nations such as Holland that have legalized prostitution, have become “low-risk magnets for international sex-slave drivers and organized crime”.

And in America, we are having our young girls dress as prostitutes (did you hear about the mom who dressed her 3 year-old daughter as a prostitute in the Toddlers and Tiara’s pageant?). Or how about the “hot-pink patent-leather stiletto crib shoes for baby girls, aged zero to six months”? And, of course, padded bras for five year olds?

Again, I have to ask, are we crazy? Moms, please, what are you doing? Stop this stuff! Think about your children (both girls and boys). Pedophiles target your children, especially dressed this way.

Thank God for Sweden’s Sex Purchase Law. I pray we will have one similar in the United States before long.


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