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Linda Rodante

Has Sex become our God and our Nemesis?

Another arrest for child pornography, another human trafficking victim rescued, another teacher having sex with her student. The headlines are many, varied and disgusting–and they keep on coming.

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While America watches Game of Thrones, reads 50 Shades of Gray, and turns to internet pornography by the thousands, what is happening to our culture, our lives and our children? I had a comment on one of my blogs where a man claimed he was born a pedophile. So, since he was born that way, he wrote, why is it against the law? The problem with that thinking is tomorrow someone else could ask the same question, and, in this time in our history, others will try to defend his right to have sex with children. Then they will pass a law to protect that right–to molest children no matter what their age. Now, okay, you think that’s extreme. However, in fifty years this country has gone from “It is wrong to have sex before marriage” to have sex with anyone whenever. I mean look at “friends with benefits,” and every show on TV or on the movies. Everyone has sex. Whether their married or not never enters the discussion. In fact, neither does possible pregnancy or possible STI’s or what will I feel like tomorrow? As if there are no consequences to our descent into the depths of debauchery. In high school, a girl can have sex with a boy one night, and he won’t even acknowledge her the next day at school. I’ve heard this numerous times. What does she feel like when that happens? Does anyone care? Consequences are not something Americans like to think about or even allow. And yet, you cannot get away from the consequences of your actions. At sometime, you do reap what you’ve sown. And that is what we’re seeing now. Having let sex loose (outside the boundaries God has set for it) has caused horrific consequences that we are only beginning to acknowledge–human trafficking being one of the worse. Girls in cages, tied to beds, locked in closets. Boys and girls forced to “service” up to 30 men a night. Pornography (more forced sex for the camera) is rampant on even our most respected teachers’, politicians’, or neighbors’ computers. Children disappearing from bus stops, malls and schools. Boys locked and chained in the basement of a man’s home. Judges defending a another man’s “right” to take pictures up the skirts of women (in Washington DC, no less). Sex scandals in our Armed Forces, on our college campuses. One of four girls molested, one in five boys. So, when are we going to say enough is enough? That sex does need boundaries, that what we’ve made of it (a god of pleasure), is hurting us more than we could ever foresee. So from a god to our nemesis, and nemesis means retribution, punishment, vengeance, destruction, downfall, and defeat. Reaping what we’ve sowed is a basic Biblical principle as well as a scientific one. And that’s what’s we have at this time. In order to turn this around, we are going to need an outcry from a lot of us. Does anyone want to join me?


5 comments on “Has Sex become our God and our Nemesis?

  1. alexxjosyy
    February 2, 2015

    Thank you Linda, hope this opens the eyes of many!!! Change is necessary and we have to step up in many ways and keep praying. Will share this on my pages.

  2. alexxjosyy
    February 2, 2015

    Thank You Linda, hoping this opens up many people’s eyes and hearts. This could be themselves or their sons, daughters, mothers, etc. We need to step up and keep praying in order for change to happen.
    Will share this on my pages.

    • Linda Rodante
      February 2, 2015

      Thank you for the comment and the share. Yes, prayer is essential.

  3. Matt
    February 2, 2015

    “turns to internet pornography by the thousands” is incorrect. Should be “turns to internet pornography by the millions.” Stat of the day for you: “75 million
    Average monthly unique visitors to adult websites.” from: http://theweek.com/articles/493433/internet-porn-epidemic-by-numbers

    This statistic is at least 6 years old. It is certainly significantly greater today. At the time, that was nearly 1/3 of the adult population. Not just men. It is obviously significantly higher among men.\

    While porn may not make everyone become a sexual predator, it is often a prerequisite for predators, molestors and human traffickers.

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