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The Scariest Thing Today

I read an article yesterday that showed me how far and how fast our Christianity is changing. Why is that scary? Because Christ doesn’t change. His Word doesn’t change. Sure, we have different translations. They change a word or sentence here or there—but it’s remarkable how in step and in tune they really are with each other. Their precepts are so similar that it is as if a mighty intelligence had crafted them all. (Smiley face) Of course, He did.

The extraordinary thing about these translations is that God can take them all, and by his Holy Spirit, minister them to our hearts so that He translates the words we read into what we need at the right time in our lives. Anyone who has studied the Bible for any length of time can tell you the many layers of meaning God has ministered to their hearts from one single verse.

A facebook post reiterated the scariness of a magazine article I read. One young person (all right, I’m older, so this young person was in her twenties or thirties-best guess) stated how the Bible needed to be interpreted by using other books. Now there are many good books out there—I just referenced one in my blog entitled “Does God’s Word Make You Cry?” —and God does use them to help us understand certain things, especially in a personal way.

God uses them, yes. But the thought that we can’t get the correct interpretation of the Bible without having a dissertation on the scripture from some “learned expert” is to say that God cannot explain himself to us when, in fact, that is just what He does through his Spirit.In other words, we should read, pray, and use the Bible to exegete the other books!

Back to that frightening article: “Not So Convergent: Leading Publisher Separates How Evangelical and Progressive Books Are Made”*: Basically, a Christian book publisher is separating its two lines because of – and here’s the chilling part – the “progressive” line will concentrate on “the interests of progressive Christians who are redefining their faith through the prism of contemporary experience.”

From all I’ve heard, it’s not that they are just redefining their faith, but that they are redefining their Christianity, and therefore changing the Word of God. As I said before Christ does not change. He doesn’t change because we think he should or because sex before marriage has been accepted by the culture or that gay marriage has been okayed by the Supreme Court. His love and his laws never change. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

In trying to change the Bible to fit our world and our culture and the way we want to live, we have done just what God said we would do in Romans, Chapter One–tried to make God in our image. Read the whole thing again. Think on it. Get out your different translations and study them—not to see if they say anything different—but to see what they say alike and then ask God to show you what He wants you to know about it.

Christians (of all ages, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, all), if we don’t keep the Word of God before our eyes, study it, spend time in it, we will be—indeed, have been—an easy prey to lies and deception. No longer can we continue to play our games, entertain ourselves and shove off the weight of the Spirit of God on our shoulders. He is speaking to us, to you, to me. All of us. Wake up. Draw close. The time is now.

I would love to hear from you. Your thoughts, your feelings. God bless!

*From Christianity Today. Gleanings. Archived article, November 2014. “Not So Convergent: Leading Publisher Separates How Evangelical and Progressive Books Are Made” WaterBrook Multnomah splits from sister imprint whose ‘Gay Christian’ book led to NRB resignation. Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra [ posted 11/4/2014 03:46PM ]


One comment on “The Scariest Thing Today

  1. Babs
    September 7, 2015

    This is very true and truth! Ah-ha moment, to rethink if we really believe God is who He says He is: God says of Himself, “Is there a God beside me? Yea, there is no God; I know not any!” (Isaiah 44:8) God is all knowing; we are living in the last days and we are warned of the apostates. When you see all these signs (Matthew 24) the Lord says look up for our redemption draws nigh. Maranantha! Babs

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