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Linda Rodante

College, Sexual Assault and Greek Intervention

College and #sexual assault–three words that should not be linked must less describe our culture today. But, in too many cases, do.

Two college organizations are doing something to change this, leaving a #legacy that will become more significant and vital over the coming years.

Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Delta Pi have joined together to try to end what has become a disgust and shame on our #college #campuses.

They’ve launched a campaign with a video  ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UU2cpcYQFsU )  about sexual assault, and they’ve started the conversation between #fraternities and #sororities about what sexual assault really is, what it does to the victim, and about prevention.

I love this video. Fraternity men and sorority women are standing up, taking an #oath to end this problem.

My husband is a SigEp alumni, and I am a former SigEp little sister, and I thank God for what SigEp and ADPi are doing.

What kind of a legacy are you leaving?

Looking for Justice card

A shameless plug–in my Christian fiction book, Looking for Justice, I address rape, campus assault and domestic violence issues. The assurance from others that the word “no” means “no” helps remove guilt and empowers women (and men) to stand firm in their decisions.   http://amzn.to/1NtbQNt

What are your feelings on campus assault, the video, and what these organizations are doing?

#SigmaPhiEpsilon and #AlphaDeltaPi




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