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Linda Rodante

Rape Bait and The Sexualization of America

Sometimes I get mad. Angry. Teeth grinding. Fist clenching kind of stuff. You know. And the news did it again for me today.

We cry against sexual trafficking, against Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and the victimization of our children (boys and girls) and of women, and yet, we still buy into the notion that sex anytime for any reason is great. Come on!

Here’s the front page of one news mag: “Give in to Temptation”*. It then goes on to talk about a weekend in the city on the ‘fringe.” It lists SexXX Dreams festivals. Of course, it’s all labeled as art. So we’re supposed to turn the other way and not notice if any of it’s offensive or crosses the line into indecency or porn.


Another headline at a later date talks about “Rape Bait” emails from a fraternity. The other college news was the Federal investigation of Florida State because of the boggled rape accusation controversy of their quarterback. We have laws on campuses now about how rape and sexual harassment investigations must go. That’s because we have so much rape and harassment on campuses today–and by the way, in our military as well.

How long will we turn our backs on the amount of, and type of, sex on our TVs, our movies, our books, the internet? How much porn are we going to watch before we tell ourselves this is wrong? How many children and women will be molested, assaulted, raped, enslaved and murdered beforethe men (and the women) in this country say enough is enough?

*Weekend, Tampa Bay Times, March 27, 2014 **Tampa Bay Times, April 5, 2014


3 comments on “Rape Bait and The Sexualization of America

  1. Deborah DeAngelis
    April 7, 2014

    I am so disgusted at this world and the list of the flesh. As a women I want to scream. And I look at men so differently now. They are such perverts. They are so to be our protecters. Hey what has happen. Pornagraphy is such big business. And Hollywood. Do not get me going

  2. Sheryl
    April 8, 2014

    Makes my blood boil.

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