Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Cholera and Coffee

coffee When my mother came back from Indonesia on one of her visits, she seemed frail. I didn’t ask much when she came to my house (every time she was home, she made sure she “made the rounds” to see her kids and their families), but I watched her. Immediately, I noticed that she wasn’t drinking coffee.

Like most Americans, she always had her morning coffee; but now when she rose early to read her Bible, there was no coffee cup on the table. “What’s going on?” I asked.  “You’re not drinking coffee anymore?” “I’ve developed an allergy to it,”  she said. “You’re kidding! To coffee?” “Oh, yes. My lips swell up like a clown, and my stomach can’t take it.” It wasn’t until later she mentioned the cholera.

Some of the orphans she’d visited had come down with it. Some had died. “And I nearly did.” “You what?” My voice jumped an octave. “I got sick before we went to a convention in Jakarta. I told Pastor Pardede and Pastor Nainggolan to leave me and go on without me. People were planning on them coming. I wasn’t sure what I had. Some bug, I thought. Well, I want to tell you that was a bug all right–a bug right out of hell. After they left, my insides seemed to be coming out. I thought I would die. I could hardly pray.

Then suddenly, I saw these faces floating over me, laughing demonic faces, and I knew. Satan was trying to kill me, and he thought he’d already won.” She felt fire come up in her, and she sat up in bed, pointed her finger at those laughing faces and commanded them to go. “I’m not dead,” she said, “and I’m not going to die. You demonic spirits, get out of here! I am healed by the blood of Jesus, and I am going to finish the work he’s given me!” They didn’t just disappear in an instant, but they backed off.

The fight lasted a couple of hours with her alternately falling back onto the bed and then rising once more, commanding the demons to leave. Near morning, the room felt clear, and she drifted off to sleep. The next morning the fever and all the symptoms had gone. She was still weak from the effects of the cholera (a very serious disease from which many people die), and flew home soon afterwards.

Since then, she had not been able to “stomach” many of the foods she once ate–especially coffee. God is so good. Mother had learned through Bible study and listening to other men and women of God that demons were and are real–as real as they were in Jesus’ time. She’d learn to stand on the Word of God (he is her healer), to take the authority that we have in Jesus and cast them out. Later, she took authority over the allergy to coffee, asked for and received healing from God from it and had no more symptoms when she drank it.

Every morning, without fail, up to the morning before I took her to the hospital before her passing, she rose, got her coffee, her Bible and sat down for her time with the Lord. Study to show yourself approved, the Bible tells us. Do not let the Word depart out of your mouth–don’t stop talking about it, repeating it, memorizing it. It is life to those that find it and health to all their flesh!

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