Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Unrestrained Sex, Sexual Abuse and Forgiveness

In our oversexed culture, we’ve either been abused and spent most of our lives recovering from it, or we don’t begin to know the heartache and soul-wrenching cost others are enduring because of abuse.

When are we going to realize that sex is not a god? What makes us feel that this rush of physical pleasure is worth all the heartache and ripping apart of lives that is happening today? In our unrestrained society, anything goes sex has developed into a pandemic of sex trafficking, domestic minor trafficking, of child sexual abuse, of teacher abuse to students, of coaches’ abuse of athletes, of father abuse of daughters and sons, ad nauseam.

Mary DeMuth’s moving blog to her abusers tells a story most people pretend they don’t know. Sexually assaulted at five, she’s lived many years in pain and anger. Take a minute from your too busy life to read her story and then wonder where we should go from here. Perhaps the restraints on sexuality that our grandparents had before the so-called sexual revolution of the sixties was not such a bad thing, after all.



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