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Linda Rodante

The Prostitutes Parade

All right. Somethings still amaze me. I’ve heard about all the licentious behavior of Mardi Gras. I’ve heard that anything goes–even on the streets in daylight.

Aerial fireworks over downtown OKC's Bricktown area celebrate July 4th.

Aerial fireworks over downtown OKC’s Bricktown area celebrate July 4th.

However, somehow, I missed the Prostitutes Parade–
or more correctly–the Whores Parade. Isn’t prostitution illegal in New Orleans, like it is in most of the US? And yet they have a PARADE for prostitutes and allow them to hand out a book–yes, a book–in which they advertise. I had it in my hands. Some of the advertisements were poetic, but all in the same vein. Advertising one thing.

That, along with some Christians saying erotica is not wrong, threw me again this week. At my age, I can still be “sat back on my heels” from what I hear… from people I think I know.

The Bible tells us that if a man even looks on a woman to lust after her, that he has committed adultery in his heart. He has sinned. Back then, and even not long ago in our culture, this wasn’t a problem women had–looking to lust or with lust. They do today! So this admonition is to women as well.

Erotica is wrong, porn is wrong, prostitution is wrong because…God says it is. If you’re a Christian, you shouldn’t have a problem with that. Admit your sin, ask forgiveness, then walk godly.

Okay, I know that’s easy to say. No one is without sin, and that includes me. However, you and I must admit to the sin (whatever it is, and it may be something different that the subject here) and then ask the Holy Spirit to help us live a godly life. Not, not, not saying this will happen overnight or that it is easy. But God looks on the heart, and if you’re willing, he will come alongside you and help you.

But first, admit you’re not doing it God’s way–or if you’re not sure about it, get into your Bible and begin to read the scriptures. Learn what God says and learn about him. He loves you and wants what is good and right for you much more than you do for yourself.

Do you know that?


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