Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

If It was Suddenly Against the Law to be a Christian, Is there Enough Evidence in Your Home to Convict You?

We balloon-tipped this question around back in the 70’s. If you were accused of being a Christian was there enough evidence to convict you? In your house? In your checkbook? In your reading materials? In your life?

police cruiser

This was brought home today when I read about the bankruptcy filing by Family Christian Stores.

It brought to mind other things from the revival that swept America back then. Things like the Word movement, the Holy Spirit movement, Scripture songs, standing room only teaching and prayer meetings, and The Love Shop.

I got saved, gave my life to the Lord, invited Him into my heart (however you wanted to say it) during that time and the enthusiasm for Jesus and the Word of God was something to see.

I went to work at The Love Shop (a shop dedicated to God, not the 50 Shades of Lust we have today) and heard the first Christian rock music–music to my ears, by the way. I prayed with people over the counter, engraved their names on new Bibles, and met youths saved at “Rock” concerts.

The Love Shop had–totally new to most of us–Christian music, plaques, banners, and things like glasses, lamps, and candles engraved with scripture. A wealth of stuff to buy and take home and with which we could proclaim our faith. We loved it!

Why, you wonder, has bankruptcy claimed a large Christian retail store today? Do we buy so little to keep this one chain open? And why are our meetings empty? Why do people find it hard to get to church? Why do the lives of Christians look so much like the world?

A song back from the 70’s comes to mind–I Miss My Time with You by Larnell Harris. That is God speaking to us.  He misses us!

Where do we spend our lives these days? If we want the enthusiasm, the love, the passion for God back, we have to spend it with Him. It won’t happen by itself.


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