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Linda Rodante

50 Shades of Rape–The Poison in Our Culture

The internet is alive with the problems found in 50 Shades of Grey. The abuse against women, the idea that somehow women like to be beaten, tortured, and raped. So much is out there–thankfully–that I don’t need to say much more. But I do recommend a number of articles. Please click on one. There are amazing insights.

set the captives free

“THIS is where rape starts. It starts with men thinking it’s okay to get a woman to lower her inhibitions with alcohol. It starts with this idea that women’s bodies exist to please men and that men have a right to use women for their pleasure.” Taken from the blog below:


“Grey doesn’t choose Ana because she is a confident, assured woman who can emotionally handle this sort of contract, um relationship, um abus…ok, hell I got nothing. A confident woman would have told him where to put his private jet…What gets me is he sees a girl who clearly already has a low opinion of herself and he pounces…

Powerful men. REALLY powerful men? They empower women. They don’t prey on and victimize them.” This taken from:


It’s incredible that we’ve proceeded into watching porn on our TVs, our internet, and in the movies. And we wonder why there is an increase in domestic violence, violence against women, and human trafficking. Come on, people, it’s way past time to wake up! This stuff is poison!



2 comments on “50 Shades of Rape–The Poison in Our Culture

  1. Avily Jerome
    February 13, 2015

    Thank you for linking! Best wishes in your fight against trafficking.

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