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Linda Rodante

Who’s Being Bought and Sold this Christmas?

Christmas 2013

It’s hard to write about human trafficking these days. And it’s hard for you to read about it, isn’t it? And yet, girls and boys are being bought and sold right through Christmas. Just because we turn our eyes (and our hearts) doesn’t mean that the atrocity goes away.

You want to do something, you say. Yeah, I do, too. Sometimes I think writing this blog is my thing–but then I get out into a group of people who really don’t know what human trafficking is or that it goes on in America (and yes, IT DOES), and I realize we still have a long way to go.

Sometimes in a hotel I spot a worker and think, Could she be a slave? Forced to work here? Maybe forced into prostitution at night? Or someone knocks on my door and asks, “You want those trees cut, lady? I got a crew here and we can do it for you right now. The price is cheap.” I look out and see about 4 Mexican looking men on the back of the truck in my driveway. No, no, I don’t need my trees cut today. But as they drive away, I wonder should I get the license number and report it?

Bought and sold today. Bought and sold on Christmas Day. It should never happen. What can you do? In Florida, go to http://catfht.org/ or to http://www.stophumantrafficking.org/. In other states? Type in human trafficking and your city and see what comes up. Then join a group and begin putting a stop to a horrific crime.



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