Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Should John’s be Held Responsible for Knowing a Prostitute’s Age and Being Sure He or She Isn’t Trafficked?


In reviewing numerous articles on human trafficking, especially sex trafficking, I have read many explanations for why men should be allowed to buy sex. Mostly it focuses on buying sex from adult women. Only one that I’ve read has openly said he buys girls and boys, but, of course, thousands do. We know that. Look how many stings have been carried out on men thinking they’re showing up to have sex with a child only to have that “child” be an undercover cop.


The reasons men give for buying sex range from I’m lonely, I’m away from home, I just need someone to love me–even for an hour, my girlfriend’s unfaithful, and I’m sex-addicted, etc.

These excuses are pathetic. The average age a girl enters into prostitution is 12. She is not a consenting adult. And when she reaches 18, she is still not consenting. By that time, it’s all she knows. Often, fear and psychological abuse keep her in line. Sometimes, she has no home to return to because it is her father, her brother, her uncle that has abused and sold her. America tends to look for easy answers, but there are none.

What has gone wrong in America that we don’t view these girls, boys, and women as human beings with rights? with dignity? Have we really come to a point in our society that we think we should be able to have whatever we want at whatever the cost to another person?

Should John’s (the men who pay to have sex with another human being) be Held Responsible for Knowing a Prostitute’s Age and Being Sure She Isn’t Trafficked? Or is it okay as along as he gets what he wants? Who cares about the little girl, anyway?

Do you?


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