Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Satan and the Image-bearers.

Kristine McGuire’s book, An Insider’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare came at a great time. Halloween. After all, the goblins, ghosts, Walking Dead, and princesses will all be coming our way in a few days.


Kristine spent years as a medium, witch and ghost hunter, but found her real identity in Christ. She steps onto our stage today as a warrior for Christ. Angels and demons are her reality (as they should be ours), and she writes a book with intelligence, insight, Biblical truths, and personal stories.

It is, though, best described as a call to arms. While we battle about what’s for dinner, when will I get my raise, will my daughter get to be home-coming queen, men and women–you and I–are dying or losing the spiritual battles aimed at us, rendering us powerless to effect God’s Kingdom for good.

The Creator, our Protector, Father, and Lord loves us and created us for more than learning the newest song to the newest Disney movie.

“It is vital,” Kristine writes, “to understand, and never forget, who God is, because we have an enemy who will stop at nothing to try to convince us otherwise. An enemy who wants us to question God and His significance in this world. And we have a sinful flesh that finds it hard to submit everything we are to God. And we live in a society where humanism, which puts human beings in the place of highest importance in the universe, is a powerful influence.”

We don’t have a choice about the battle. It has been raging since Adam and Eve. We saw it on 9/11, we  saw it when a man entered a movie theater and killed 12 innocent people, we saw it again when another gunman entered a elementary school and shot and killed children and teachers. We see it today as men are beheaded by ISIS and women and children are raped and enslaved.

Evil is here. Hiding our heads in the sand does nothing , but release more of the same.  Satan uses his weapons against you when you’re too busy to read your Bible or pray, when you’re overwhelmed by daily life, when your spouse asks for a divorce, or you toy with the idea of an affair, or you spend more time in front of the TV than you do with your children.

Kristine MaGuire’s book is eye-opening, the kind we need right now. Jesus said he came to set the captives free. He calls us to do the same. After all, we bear His Image. An Insider’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare will help you make the first steps and take you deep into combat.





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