Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Indonesian Creepy-Crawly and God’s Healing.

Mom in Indonesia

Indonesia is rife with wildlife, some pretty strange to this American born girl. Some of the insects mother told me about beat out our roaches for grossness, while others are colorful and fluorescent. Some can be deadly.

My mother, Elaine Knadle, and her interpreter and a number of the older children from the orphanage had traveled into the bush to a village Pastor Pardede knew. He’d promised the people in the village a visit from the “white-haired lady” when she returned from the states. On the way there—by motorcycle—mother was bitten by some insect she never saw. She rode side-saddle on the back of the motorcycle in a skirt. Women had to wear skirts then. (She’d been ordained by the Church of God of Prophecy out of Cleveland, TN and that was one of their precepts.)

She didn’t think too much of the bug bite, but as the days went by, it became more and more inflamed. Being in the jungles and having no antibiotic, she did her best to wash and cleanse it. To no avail.

Soon it was infected–running with pus—and gross. Everyone told her she needed to go back to the city, to the hospital, before she lost her leg. Pastor Nainggolan, her interpreter, friend and protector was insistent, but she wanted to finish ministering in the village.

One morning, she woke early. In her head were all the dire predictions about her leg that everyone had said. She looked at the oozing sore and felt defeated, however, she picked up her Bible and prayed that God would give her some encouragement. When she picked up her Bible, her eye fell on this verse: “For the Lord shall be thy confidence, and keep thy foot from being taken.” Prov. 3:26. Her faith was restored.

Later when she saw Pastor Nainggolan, they began to argue about her leg. She insisted that if he would lay hands on her and pray for her leg, she would be healed. He wanted to take her back to the city and a doctor, but she insisted, so he angrily prayed for her. She laughed about that when telling the story, and yet from that moment her leg began to heal. She never needed the antibiotics.




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