Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Why Trafficking Exists

Human trafficking like any “business” is a market-driven, meaning that it relies on supply and demand.

Victims may be vulnerable to human trafficking, but this is not the main reason trafficking exists. The demand for sex and cheap labor drive this crime.

Added to this is the fact that human trafficking is low risk and high profit. The laws and means to convict pimps, johns, and other traffickers are ineffective.

The extremely high profits made from human slavery adds to the crime’s appeal. An estimated $32 billion a year is made from selling other human beings.

Child labor or forced labor victims of human trafficking make many of our consumer goods, fill our tourists industry services, and other service groups. Farm workers, factory workers, domestic servants may also be trafficking victims.

Any person buying sex creates a demand for sex trafficking whether its from street prostitutes, online prostitution, residential brothels, hostess clubs, strip clubs, etc.

Victims are often beaten, raped, drugged, chained, lock-up, threatened, manipulated. They are often psychologically controlled and trained to lie to the “johns” about their circumstances, and the “johns” do not often want to know. They created a demand for commercial sex, and the “product” they want is woman or child. This includes women, girls, and boys forced into pornographic film making.


Today our culture is pervaded with online sex, sex in movies, television, music, even in advertisements. The glamorization of sex has increased the demand. This, along with a culture that “wants what it wants when it wants it” and refuses to control its behaviors fuels these lusts. Punishment for unhealthy and dangerous behavior (especially behaviors that hurt other human beings) helped control this type of demand in other generations, but punishment today is often looked upon with extreme disapproval.

The community, law enforcement, judges, and legislatures must be made aware of what is happening. They must put laws in place to punish traffickers, and these laws must be enforced. Until we have men and women in all areas of society stand up and say that sex trafficking, labor trafficking and domestic servitude is not only wrong, but also deserves severe penalties—years in jail—we will have more victims disappear from our streets, our malls, and our homes.


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