Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

King David’s Tomb and the Path to Indonesia (ongoing true stories of my mother, Elaine Knadle, as a missionary and the incredible God she served.)

Postcard of Jerusalem

Mother loved Israel, but after a few years, she began to feel restless in her spirit. Often, she’d go to King David’s tomb and the surrounding “City of David,” to walk and pray. A Bible verse that she read (I can’t remember the exact words or where it is) said she would “run into people.” She felt God was telling her that He would lead her to someone or maybe a few someones, and that person would direct her to the next step in her journey with God.

One day while she was down in the old city, walking and praying, she met a man and his wife from Indonesia. As they talked, she found out that he was a pastor. In fact, Pastor Pardede was an overseer for 350 churches in Indonesia. During the time that he and his wife spent in Israel, he invited mother to come to Indonesia. She had no idea what he wanted her to do, no idea that she’d ride sidesaddle on a motorcycle through the jungles, no idea she’d be caught in a log jam in a dugout canoe, no idea she’d take other canoes to islands sometimes so far out that no land was in sight, and no idea she’d preach and help start churches in the wilds of Indonesia. She only knew that God moved on her heart to go.

The incredible thing I see about this is that God doesn’t care about our ability. He cares about our availability. At that time, mother was an overweight, fifty-ish woman without any formal training in preaching or teaching the Gospel. But God was about to use her for just that. Before she finished her “assignment” in Indonesia, she had preached at Pastor’s retreats, in big and small churches, in jungle huts and around campfires.

God, as we all know, is no respecter of persons. YOU are just as important and useful to Him as anyone else. Think about it. 🙂


Linda’s books wraps sweet romance with real life issues women face today then adds an edge of mystery and suspense.

Amber Alert, As Long As You Both Shall Live, Splashdown and Looking for Justice are Christian romantic suspense books on sale at Amazon.  http://amzn.to/2lfJQ5r
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3 comments on “King David’s Tomb and the Path to Indonesia (ongoing true stories of my mother, Elaine Knadle, as a missionary and the incredible God she served.)

  1. Sandra Jaques
    September 26, 2013

    Keep it coming …..doing great, Linda

  2. Gail Johnson
    October 3, 2017

    I love to hear true stories of fellow Christians. Thanks for sharing, Linda!

  3. Linda Rodante
    October 3, 2017

    Your welcome!

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