Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

There is Power in the Name of Jesus-Ongoing true stories of my mother, Elaine Knadle, missionary and child of God.

Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

What I’ve wanted to show through this blog about mom is that there is power in the name of Jesus!!! Mother believed this and lived by it. She saw the miraculous in her walk with the Lord. And it was not because of who she was—God is no respecter of persons—but it was and is because of who God is.

mother preaching

We’ve fallen into two traps these days—we either wave away the miraculous or we fall pray to that gospel that says God is the cause of our problems, that he allows the troubles in our lives to help perfect us. Now, I don’t deny that God does let us reap what we’ve sown sometimes—and uses that for teaching.

However, some of the problems and disasters in our lives are our own fault, not God’s. We live in a fallen world, a world where our enemy, the devil, is still alive…

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