Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Buying Sex

32 billion

Supposedly, buying sex is illegal in the US everywhere but in Nevada. This illegal activity brings in 32 billion dollars in profits, almost topping drug trafficking. I say this because I think some judges are not sure if it is or is not illegal.

It’s illegal in other countries, too; but other countries are putting stronger laws into effect that emphasize the “johns.” Canada just introduced new legislation that would criminalize those purchasing sex. Sweden, Norway, Finland have already passed these laws.

The trouble in America is that, although it is already against the law here, it usually is the sellers of sex that are arrested, but legislation is starting to come about that might help.

However, the prostitute, whether enslaved or not, has historically been the one that ends up with the criminal record while the john skips free–and buys another girl or boy tomorrow or next week.

I say girl or boy because the age that children are entering prostitution is dropping quickly. When I first began speaking about human trafficking 5 years ago, the average age was 14. Today, the average age is 12 (some say 11).

Let me give you a couple of statistics from the Demanding Justice Project in their study of 134 cases from 2008 to the present. Of 119 that were arrested for buying sex with juveniles (yes, that would be children), there were 113 that either plead guilty or were convicted. Of those, 26% served no time, and 69% had their sentences suspended. In math, 26 and 69 add up to 95%…95% of the johns served no time for buying sex with a minor, with a child!

Would someone like to inform our judiciary that buying sex, especially with minors, is a CRIME? A punishable crime.


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