Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Let the children come to me.

In case that line rings a bell, it’s said by Jesus when his disciples were rebuking the parents trying to get their children to Jesus. Jesus was praying for the children and blessing them by laying his hands on them. (Matt 19:14) Then, as later, Jesus had to rebuke his disciples. At another time, he tells his disciples that they don’t know what spirit they’re of–in other words, they were not acting under the Holy Spirit’s direction, but under a demon spirit’s direction. (Luke 9:55)

Those are harsh words, but Jesus was never a man (or a God) who pulled his punches. He called the Pharisees “whited sepulchres full of dead men’s bones.” In other words, they were like coffins with skeleton’s in them. He addressed Peter one time, saying, “Get thee behind me, Satan.” Wow! Would you like to be on the end of that?

What would Jesus say to us now? Is he weeping again as he did over Jerusalem? I imagine he is.

Not that he hasn’t wept over me again and again. I’m convicted even writing this because I know how short I come when measured next to the glory of his perfection.494731-R1-014-5A_006_0001

But you out there–you that love God, that wish to do his will–don’t you want to know what Jesus would do with this immigration crisis? Have you asked for the wisdom of Solomon–no, the wisdom of God–to be poured out in this situation? Doesn’t your heart break for 50,000 children running from homelands filled with violence to what should be a safe harbor? Only to be rejected and hated?

Did you know that Honduras is the murder capital of the world??? And that Guatemala and El Salvador (these are the three make up the main countries these children are coming from) are in the top five?

How many of you hate the thought of human trafficking and perhaps are helping fight this scourge in some way? and yet you would send thousands back to that? or back to gangs? or homelessness and starvation?

These are the people God is calling us to help. We don’t have to go to their countries. They’re coming here! What an opportunity for us. Will we accept the challenge? Will we step out of our comfort zones and love the wounded, the displaced, and the orphans?

God help us if we don’t.



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