Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

The Immigration Crisis, 50,000 children, and God

I’m constantly amazed at the hardness of my heart. Over the years, I’ve seen hurricanes, floods, wildfires and more devastate America and other places in the world. Often I prayed a few quick prayers–on my way to work, to the store, to church. There was a time when I fell to my knees, when I spent extended times in prayer for individuals, this nation and the world.

Work, entertainment, weariness, relationships, etc. all took their toll. Although I’m climbing back, I have a long way to go.

Lately, though, the Lord is making inroads into my heart again.  And the case of 50,000 children is one of them.

These children were sent from their homes to a “better” land. Some are sent by parents who love their children so much they are willing to let them go, maybe to never to see them again, so that they can have a “better” life. Some are sent by parents so poverty stricken that can’t afford to feed them anymore. Maybe they sent them because of the violence in their land. And maybe the children just left on their own for as many reasons as I’ve listed and more.

Does it matter? Really? We have 50,000 children that can be turned away– “Your parents didn’t want you, neither do we.” 50,000 children who could turn into lifetime welfare cases, trafficked victims or criminals.

What do you see as their future?

We need the wisdom of Solomon to solve this dilemma. No, we need the wisdom of God. And that’s what I pray for.

I’m not talking about the immigration problem itself, or the border problems we have. These also need God’s wisdom. But I am talking about 50,000 children we already have.


It amazes me how we will send missions teams over to work with and evangelize these same poor children, but we don’t want them here. Perhaps if every church in America took five, had families that would sacrifice and take up the cross of Jesus to love them we would have roughly 50,000 children with a chance to become Godly, upstanding citizens.

What do you think?



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