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Linda Rodante

Are all Women Innocents By-Standers?

In my last blog, I challenged men to “stand with us against sexual violence and pornography, hold your friends and relatives accountable, teach your sons to respect women (and themselves!), tell them to make a covenant with their eyes (don’t look at pornography or lustfully at every woman that walks by–even when she’s dressed to attract attention. Do what is right.”


God says that someone who looks on a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Is that you? Have you repented of that? Have you made a determination not to do that again?

But there is something within that challenge that needs to be addressed–that fact that women dress to attract a man’s sexual glance. Women, you don’t? Tell that to your cleavage. Or to your tight pants.

Listen, Cain is the one who smarted off at God and asked, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” That’s the same as many women do when asked to dress modestly.

I remember telling a woman she needed to wear a slip under her skirt when she did an interpretive dance/human video in front of the church. Her last dance had distracted a couple of men in the wrong way and someone told me. Her response was the same as Cain’s–and with the nearly same attitude.

Yes, woman, you are your brother’s keeper in many ways. Help him not to sin. The Lord informs us not do anything that makes our brother (or sister) stumble.

Women, teen girls, not only do we have a responsibility to dress modestly, but we, too, need to make a covenant with our eyes. I see too many girls/women lusting after men now, talking about them in an inappropriate fashion-sometimes right in front of their boyfriend or husband.

If you want men to treat you with respect then act like a woman or girl who deserves it. Act Godly.


One comment on “Are all Women Innocents By-Standers?

  1. Linda Rodante
    June 6, 2014

    The first post on this was called, “Are All Men Perverts?”

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