Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Are All Men Perverts?

I received a comment on one of my blogs and went back and forth about approving it. The reason for that is that the writer indicted all men. Whether she meant to or not, I’m not sure; but she did.


Men often wonder these days why–as Rodney Dangerfield use to they–they don’t get no respect. I think if they would look at the headlines, at the news, they would see it.

In the Tampa Bay area alone, we’ve had multiple cases of sex trafficking, of domestic minor sex trafficking, of men raping and murdering women, girls, and boys. Of course, it is not exclusive to men–but almost is. The percentages are very high for men being the perpetrators.

Here’s the comment I didn’t post: “I am so disgusted at this world and the list of the flesh. As a women I want to scream. And I look at men so differently now. They are such perverts. They are so to be our protectors. Hey what has happen. Pornography is such big business. And Hollywood. Do not get me going”

What she says is correct in many ways. I would like to add one thing:  I know for a fact that there are many good men out there. I know them personally. If you are one of them then stand with us against sexual violence and pornography, hold your friends and relatives accountable, teach your sons to respect women (and themselves!), tell them to make a covenant with their eyes (don’t look at pornography or lustfully at every woman that walks by–even when she’s dressed to attract attention). Avert their eyes. Do what is right.

I’ll address the women next.


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