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Linda Rodante

Common Core: Removing Authority from its God-Given Place

So much controversy surrounding these new “standards” from the federal government. I’ve heard about the dumbing down of curriculum, and taking away of the memorization of multiplication tables, of sexually explicit books on the book list, and much more. But I think the insidiousness of the curriculum is wrapped up in one main thing: the lack of respect for authority.

Storm brewing

It disrespects parents in not inviting parents into the learning process–or the process of helping their children learn. Many parents complain that the third grade “new” math is so different that they cannot help their children–and can’t get help themselves.

But a major flaw in Common Core is that it wants teachers to back off being teachers and just “help” students learn, help them to figure out things themselves–and while this sounds good and there is a place for it–there is still too much information to lose this way. Have you ever wondered why the Dark Ages were called the Dark Ages? It’s because they “lost” the knowledge of previous generations and slid back in learning. Are we about to do the same thing in America?

But here is the real problem with Common Core and it is a big one–one I haven’t heard discussed–it is another instance where the culture is removing authority from its essential place in society.

When our culture births a generation (or two or three) that says, “I don’t have to respect authority because they know no more than I do, their ideas are no better than mine, no authority can tell me what to do,” etc, it leads to a disrespect that goes all the way to God.

God, after all, is our highest authority. Bending our will to His is what we fight with everyday, and the type of curriculum that takes away the respect and belief in someone better–or greater–than ourselves is not just dangerous, it’s devilish.


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