Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

The Heart Attack, the Hospital, and the Witness


When I took mother to the hospital, I didn’t realize it would be the last week of her life. She’d had a heart attack before we came in and one in the emergency room. For eight days, she would mentally bounce between confusion and clarity, but physically never improve.

Visitors came in, and she seemed to transform. She’d laugh and talk and act like in a day or two, she’d be walking out of the hospital even though both of us knew her condition was serious. When they left, the confusion would return, the physical problems surface.

It was after watching this for five days and seeing her get weaker and weaker that the two teens came to visit. Because it was one of her really bad days, I almost told them “No. Not a good day.”

It took her longer this time to pull herself out of the confusion, above the grip of the physical ailments; but the transformation was beautiful to behold. God’s Spirit infused her with that life, that anointing that I’d seen so many times when she ministered to others.

She began to share with these two about her God, about his goodness, about his gift of every-lasting life. She laughed, smiled, reached for their hands and prayed for them.

An hour later, they left–after hearing the Gospel, hearing the good news of what Jesus offers us, and the plan of salvation that brings us back into union with God.

I didn’t cry when they left, although I felt like it; but I did sit in amazement watching the power of God in a dying woman’s life and realizing again that God’s love for others is great. He wanted–and still does–those two young people for his Kingdom, and he wanted mother to come join him at home.

Our time on earth is short. Where will you be when it ends?


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