Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Who Hasn’t Heard about Human Trafficking?

Slave labor. Forced prostitution. $32 Billion business. Fastest growing crime in America. Outpacing drugs. Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking. Average age of children forced into sex slavery – 14 (or 12, depending on your source). Girls and boys. Raped, abused, murdered.

When is it going to stop? How is it going to stop? Look around, listen to the news, read a newspaper–you’ll hear about it.

Victim’s shelters, counseling, jobs, funds. All needed to help those that escape or who are saved out of it.

Information output to keep others from getting caught in it.

And still men are paying big bucks to rape little girls–$25 for 15 minutes. $200 for an hour of continual molestation. And pimps telling the girls-“You better make sure he likes it and thinks you like it, too. Make him happy.”  Complete, Intestinal Disgust.

America!   STOP. THE. DEMAND.


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