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Linda Rodante

Ministry at 50 Plus–Is it Worth it?

A woman I met at a ladies’ retreat was 55 years old. At 50, she decided–since she wasn’t dead and had no idea what to do at her age–that she would go back to college. She decided to become a lawyer. Today, she works as a lawyer and tries cases for a Christian law firm.

Our youth oriented culture has us thinking that “old age” has to be fought off and that when we lose our “looks,” we’re “has beens.” This woman had bought into that. She had no idea, she said, that she would be alive at 50. And, horror! What could she possibly do at that age?

Well, she did a lot!

And my mother, Elaine Knadle, did, too. It was after age 50 when God really began to use her. She started a nursing home ministry in the southeast, then God directed her to go to Israel, then Indonesia, and then India. He also took her to other places in between those. She ministered to individuals in Israel, to pastors and villagers in Indonesia and India. When she settled back in the U.S. at age 70, she still ministered at churches and home groups. She died at 89 and had preached at her church just a few months before that.

What does God want to do with your life? His work in you is not over until He takes you home!


One comment on “Ministry at 50 Plus–Is it Worth it?

  1. Linda Rodante
    October 31, 2014

    Reblogged this on Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking and commented:

    There’s a lot you can do for God, no matter what your age.

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