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Linda Rodante

Pies for Christmas–Providing Work for Students with Disabilities

What a great way to bless a group of students! The Swanky Swine helps to educate and employ those with developmental disabilities. High school students are part of a transitional program in Clearwater, Florida. They make and sell snacks. And they make pies for Christmas!  100% of profits go to the program and its employees.


Their website describes their mission as:

  • “High Quality standards-based education
  • Information about career options and exposure to the world of work, including structured internships
  • Opportunities to develop social, civic and leadership skills
  • Strong connections to caring adults
  • Access to safe places to interact with their peers; and
  • Support services and specific accommodations to allow them to become independent adults.

We incorporate all of these elements into our transitional program. Currently our employees are high school students.  We plan to offer post-high school transitional services by the fall of 2014.

For more information on sponsorship or enrollment please email us at theswankyswine@gmail.com.”

Check them out! http://swankyswine.com/

Who We Are.


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