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Linda Rodante

Penalties for Johns-What do You Think?

France is now jumping on the serious bandwagon against human trafficking. A law has been proposed to penalize the Johns who purchase sex. Sweden has done this for a number of years and the reports have shown a marked decrease in human trafficking.

Under the French bill, as with the Swedish one, the victims of trafficking are offered help to find other work, help with education, etc.

Of course, many that already pay for sex, are screaming. They want the freedom to purchase sex whenever. Without penalty.

California and other states have John schools where they educate the johns about human trafficking, about the fact that prostitution for most of these girls/women is no choice. How can it be a choice at 14? How can it be a choice at 19 and you’re homeless and have no money and nothing to eat? Selling yourself in that situation is not a choice.

Some say criminalization of commercial sex will drive it underground. Since prostitution is already a crime in most states, I’m not sure about this argument. What’s really meant by this argument is that now the girls are arrested but with penalties upped on the johns, the men will be arrested.

Since Jesus’ time, it’s always the girls they drag into the town square to condemn. If she was caught in the act, where was the man? Why is the double standard still around over two thousand years later? Sorry, guys, I can’t feel sorry for those paying for sex.

But what do you thing? If you have decent, thoughtful comments, I will show them.

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