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Linda Rodante

Should We Do What’s Right? FSU, the Accusation, and the Police.

I wonder. Sometimes it seems no one else is doing it–what’s right, I mean. So should we?

I have a quote taped to the bottom of my computer that says, “Standing for right when it is unpopular is a true test of moral character.” by Margaret Chase Smith.

So, did I really read in the news that the dilemma right this moment for the police is whether they should charge (or at least investigate the charge) against Jameis Winston or wait until football season is over? And that somewhere the “higher ups” at FSU are wondering if they could word their code of conduct in such a way as to let Winston play if a charge is brought against him.

What? Would that even come up if you or I were the accused? Does a football game have priority over an accusation of sexual assault?

This is not to say that the FSU quarterback is guilty. Nor is it to say that he is innocent. Rather, it’s to say that back in December of 2012, an accusation was made against him and that accusation, along with the evidence that could be gathered, was never followed up.

I feel sorry for Winston and the accuser.  I don’t know who is telling the truth, but I do know one thing.  If the investigation had gone forward eleven months ago–as it should have–FSU and Winston and a certain young woman–would not now be in the news and in the position they’re in.

Should we do what’s right? Should the police–those particular individuals who are sworn to uphold the law–do what’s right? What do you think?



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