Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Will the Media Help to Stop Sex Trafficking?

They can, of course. Look what they’ve done to Presidents (for or against), or to big tobacco, or to Obamacare–oops, that one’s still up for debate. But, in America, the media is a mighty force. Ending human trafficking would take huge strides if they came out full force against it.

The trouble is many in the media (as with others in America) enjoy their sex as a recreation and see nothing wrong with bed or bod hopping. And it’s like we all know inside that once we really come down on human trafficking in America, we will begin to try to find the whys and wherefores of it.

The whys and wherefores? We don’t want to restrain our lust, our desires, and we certainly don’t want anyone saying that they’re wrong–that maybe the bed and bod hopping and exponential explosion of porn on our TVs, at our movies, and on the internet could be responsible for a large part of the lust that’s created. Because if we say it’s wrong, we might feel guilty or, heaven forbid, have to control ourselves in some of these areas.

But when are we going to have enough headlines that shout about a coach molesting his players, an athlete raping a woman, a foster child being victim of trafficking? When are we going to say enough is enough?

And will the media help?


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