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Linda Rodante

Justin’s Birth and a Word from God.

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Mom flew back from overseas for Justin’s birth.

She called from Sandra’s after flying into Jacksonville. “I’ll be there a day or two before he’s due,” she said. “Then I don’t have to fly out again for another two weeks.” Her voiced rose as she talked. “So I can be there to help after he comes.”

Running through my mind was the fact that I knew not all babies were on time, and that I sure needed her help as I didn’t know the first thing about babies.

“And guess what?” she said, interrupting my thoughts. “While I was praying this morning, I heard God say that everything would be fine. Did you hear that? It’s going to be fine.”

“Oh, good,” my rejoinder wasn’t much because it had never occurred to me that everything wouldn’t be fine. Women gave birth everyday. And medicine had come so far. They even had baby monitors. They could see how the baby was doing in the womb. What could go wrong?

Mother came to Tarpon Springs on time, but Justin was ten days late.

In fact, I was complaining about indigestion that morning, and mom let out a squeal. “You’re in labor! You’re in labor! Call Frank!”

Eight hours later, I was in the hospital and in misery. My water had broken hours before, I’d been given an epidural at that time, and it was wearing off. We’d had a bomb scare in the hospital, and my doctor was delivering two babies across the street at the other hospital! Plus, so many babies were being born that they ran out of baby monitors. I didn’t get one.

A nurse came in. “I need to check you again and see how far along you are. You should have delivered this baby a while ago. Your contractions were moving along great before.”

The doctor came in just then, throwing an apology at me for taking so long with his other patients. After he heard I’d been10 centimeters dilated for almost two hours, and the baby’s head hadn’t crowned, he spun toward the nursed and snapped out, “Get her into delivery, stat.”

The cord was around Justin’s neck in such away that during every contraction, he was being choked. Also, he had tried to inhale inside the womb. When Justin was finally delivered, the doctor and the other personnel in the room raced to the other side and began to work on him. They cleaned out his mouth and throat so he could breathe. It took forever.

At that time, they used to strap your hands down during delivery so you wouldn’t grab the sheets or contaminate the area during the birth process. I had risen as far as I could on the delivery table and asked what was wrong. Of course, no one answered. They were too busy.

I remember praying, and telling God that mother said everything was going to be fine. That He had told her so. I was new in my walk with the Lord but I was praying and talking at Him. I told Him that the Bible said if I asked anything in His name, believing, then he would do it. So I asked God to save my baby and make him whole. When I finished that prayer, that “reasoning” with God, I heard Justin cry for the first time.

In a moment, a nurse flew past me with my baby bundled in her arms—on the way to neonatal intensive care. The doctors told me for four days he might not make it, but on the fifth day, they told me to take him home—he was fine! And he’s still fine.

We serve a big, glorious God.


Linda K. Rodante is the author of The Dangerous Series:Amber Alert, As Long As You Both Shall Live, Splashdown and Looking for Justice are Christian romantic suspense books on sale at Amazon. Find her author website and blog: lindarodante.com



One comment on “Justin’s Birth and a Word from God.

  1. Sheryl
    October 29, 2013

    Cool! Never heard that story from you before. 🙂

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