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Linda Rodante

The Walking Dead, Blackhawk Down, and 24

police lights

What have The Walking Dead, 24, Blackhawk Down, The Avengers, Savages, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Grand Theft Auto, and countless horror movies have in common? Easy. Violence. Over-the-top violence.

Even our more loved shows like NCIS is rife with violence. Just because its mixed with humor and wacky, loveable characters doesn’t change the violent, bloody content we see every week.

And this has been noted by our major magazines and news media, online and off, as they’ve questioned how much violence is too much, asking the question about intense bloody scenes and senseless killings.

Some groups study how many murders each show/movie has. Savages estimate is well over 800 killings. In one film! And we are warned these days about movie trailers that contain images of disturbing violence. We can’t even see an intro to a movie without the violence.

People dismiss video games as if someone (like our teenage son) controlling a very realistic-looking person carrying out mass murders won’t be affected by it. How many of the school attackers (like at Columbine and at the Sandy Hook Elementary School) were violent gamers? Do we want to protect our children or not?

“Django Unchained,” a story of vengeance containing numerous bloody shootouts was canceled after the Sandy Hook Elementary School deaths. We all thought that was good. But who would have imagined that when it was finally released, it would gross over $150 million dollars in America and win the Oscar for best original screenplay?

What we are seeing (and watching) has been referred to as a “culture of violence,” and so it is. Often it is interwoven with sex and sexual violence. On one day, we are horrified by domestic violence, human trafficking and the renegade killing of our children; and, the next, we are lapping up the violence of murder and mayhem on our TVs and movies.

God help us.


One comment on “The Walking Dead, Blackhawk Down, and 24

  1. Linda Rodante
    October 10, 2014

    Reblogged this on Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking and commented:

    October is domestic violence awareness month.

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