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Linda Rodante

*Morning Sex – 2

     As the controversy and the “hits” keep coming in to Rebeca Seitz’s blog (over 40,000 hits a few days ago), I think it’s time to let the TV industry know that those encouraging Rebeca’s stand seem to far outnumber those that are throwing stones ( or just the nasty comments). This is not scientific; it’s just what I noticed when reading over her blog. http://rebecaseitz.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/morning-sex/
Here’s a good one from Kristine McGuire (with her permission; the highlighting below is mine):

      “Rebeca, I applaud you for taking this on. Too many people are looking the other way as the boundaries of decency are pushed in television, films, and books considered suitable for “mainstream” audiences.
      The fact of the matter is, this bit of explicit nudity (and the full scene which is presumably part of the television episode being promoted) to which you were unwillingly subjected is part and parcel of an important issue which must be addressed. I’ve mentioned it before in my previous comment. The correlation between pornography (all forms) and the sex trade/sex trafficking industries is undisputed. Television and film media are (as you have stated) powerful tools with which people and culture are influenced. We’ve been seeing the results of this social conditioning for years.
      When sex is cheapened, and television programs/movies offer scenes which do little more than promote flesh shots, they are pushing those who are titillated by these images to seek ever more graphic images. What they find (especially on the internet) progressively dehumanizes people (women in particular) until this is what sex becomes for the viewer. This is no different for those who read erotic novels. The more you get into it, the more drawn to descriptions of sex acts which degrade and demean. It’s a vicious cycle which causes great harm. So you go girl. You have my full support! http://kristinemcguire.com/

Thank you, Kristine. I couldn’t have said it better.


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