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Linda Rodante

Elaine Knadle: Jerusalem, Here I come!

Mom and Kelly Mother (Elaine Knadle) with another of her grandchildren, Kelly Jaques Fletchall.

My brother, Wesley, is doing today’s guest blog for this portion of mother’s journey. Here’s his remembrance (with a little editing from myself and my sister, Sandra :))

So, God had miraculously given mother enough money to fly to Israel, stay for a week during the Feast of Tabernacles, and return.

His hand moved again even before she left the airport. Seated beside her on the aircraft was a man also headed to the Holy Land. He was on his way to catch up with his wife and church group, which had left several days before. Throughout the long flight, both mother and the man shared their faith and the call they felt God had placed on their lives.

After a flight of almost 24 hours, they arrived in Tel Aviv near midnight. Elaine, not knowing what to do, simply followed the others, mostly Americans, as they boarded a bus and were taken to a high-rise hotel. All the people went to the check-in counter signed in and went to their rooms. It was nearly 12:30 in the morning. The lobby was now empty except for Elaine who was told there were no more rooms in the hotel, and, in fact, the surrounding area was full. Many people had come to Israel for the Feast of Tabernacles.

Exhausted from the trip, she sat on a bench, put her bags on the floor next to her, laid her head down and tried to sleep. However, a pleasant but firm night manager came over and told her she wouldn’t he allowed to sleep in the lobby. Concerned about being turned out the middle of the night in a strange country, she asked if she could have a few more minutes; and she began to pray!

Halfway through her prayer, the door to the elevator opened. A man stepped out and looked around the lobby. His eyes fixed on mother, and he walked right up to her.

“Are you Elaine Knadle?” He asked.

Surprised, she said, “Yes, I am. How did you know?”

The man introduced himself as the pastor of the man with whom she had sat on the plane. The pastor and the man had just talked about mother, and the pastor had come down to asked if she needed a room. A woman from their group had been unable to come. They had an extra room, and it was paid for.

That night mother stayed in a plush room, in a posh hotel and ate a sumptuous steak dinner, which was prepared for the group and served at 2 AM. Her God truly was (and our truly is) Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides.


Linda K. Rodante is the author of The Dangerous Series:  Amber Alert, As Long As You Both Shall Live, Splashdown and Looking for Justice are Christian romantic suspense books on sale at Amazon.
Author website and blog: lindarodante.com



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