Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

*FBI Sting Rescues 105 Children*

If you didn’t hear the news last week, here it is: the good guys from the FBI made a 76-city sweep and rescued 105 children from sex trafficking and child prostitution. Along with that, they arrested 150!
      One of the great things about this is the cooperation of–get this–230 separate law enforcement agencies! The agencies were involved in a cross-country operation that literally stretched from the east coast to the west. Some of the cities with the highest number of rescues were San Francisco, Milwaukee, Detroit, Denver and New Orleans. Arrests in San Francisco, Detroit, and New Orleans followed the number rescued, but in Milwaukee the arrests were almost non-existent. What gives there? Someone want to check that out?
      The good news in this report is so momentous that you might miss the downside. Downside? Yes. if they rescued 105 abused and enslaved children, then how many more are out there? And if they arrested 150 that were selling these children for sex, how does that speak to this country’s moral bankruptcy and gratuitous use of sex to sell everything from face powder to movies?


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